Going Further with Faith

Catholic schools of the greater Boston area know that a great education means more than teaching children how to solve complex problems or get high scores on college prep tests. We’ve seen first-hand how an education goes further when anchored in personal faith…faith that perseveres in the face of challenges and uncertainty…and that confirms how a life of purpose means more than what we do for a living. 

Our supportive community of teachers, parents and students cherish and develop the academic and moral strengths of every child. We believe that a Catholic school education best prepares students to be productive, fulfilled citizens who know that a moral compass will always point them in the right direction…citizens who give back to their communities and hope to the future.

We believe students go further with faith.

We challenge students to take the next step – in their education, moral development and personal faith…

  • We offer a unique learning environment that values community, respect and growth.
  • We encourage students to explore and grow in their individual academic pursuits and personal faith.
  • At the core of Catholic schools is a community of passionate teachers, school leaders and parents who work together to help students grow and prepare them for the future.
  • We foster a disciplined – but caring – learning environment that emphasizes student respect for themselves and others.
  • We strive to create a safe learning environment where every student is known and valued.
  • We help students think constructively and compassionately about how they can help others now and in the future.
  • A faith-based education encourages civic responsibility and working towards the common good.
  • Our former students and graduates have permeated all aspects of our society (politics, business, church) in the city, country and world.
  • We prepare students to be productive citizens – to think beyond academics to their individual purpose in life and in serving others.