The Cambridge Matignon School

School Overview

The Cambridge Matignon School is an independent Catholic, co-ed, college preparatory school celebrating 70 years of service to Greater Boston by empowering students through an intimate, faith-filled education. The Cambridge Matignon School is a faith-filled, mission-driven, and highly diverse community of nearly five hundred student and faculty learners.

Mission Statement

The Cambridge Matignon School is a co-educational, independent Catholic high school committed to teaching and promoting the message of Jesus Christ, academic excellence, respect for one’s self and others, and service to church and community. As a college preparatory school serving a diverse student population, The Cambridge Matignon School is dedicated to educating the whole person spiritually, academically, and socially so as to inspire compassionate and confident advocates for the greater good.

Program Highlights

While many schools speak proudly of their tradition of excellence, The Cambridge Matignon School focuses on achieving excellence every day. At The Cambridge Matignon School, the spirit of excellence permeates the very fiber of the school. It is through this spirit of excellence that students come to believe in themselves, in each other, and in a bright future.

The extraordinary successes built through the Matignon spirit of excellence reach across its history and continue today. The stories are many and varied. Of particular note are the hundreds of alumni who have become leaders in business, finance, education, medicine, social services, technology, government, engineering, performing arts, and athletics. A pattern emerges as alumni share their personal stories of rather ordinary beginnings evolving into something extraordinary. Indeed, it is clear that The Cambridge Matignon School experience makes a lasting difference and changes people’s lives for the better within families, communities, and the Catholic Church.