Click Here for Open Positions at Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese

Interested in a Teaching or Staff position?

The Catholic Schools Office is always looking for vibrant and innovative educators to join our community!

Each school hires its own faculty/staff, and resumes and inquiries can be submitted directly to schools that have open positions. Vacancies can be found on School Spring and often on the specific school's website. 

Interested in being a School Administrator?

The key to a successful school often lies in its leadership and a best-fit candidate for each individual school. The Catholic Schools Office is continually seeking new and cutting-edge leaders to join our community!

Principal vacancies can be found on School Spring. Typically the Catholic Schools Office coordinates principal searches. Follow the application instructions that are found within the job.

A Catholic School Principal MUST be an active Catholic who can provide two letters of recommendation, a letter of recommendation from his/her Pastor, and an impressive application.

If you think you would be a good fit for a school leader position within the Archdiocese of Boston please contact Stephanie Whelan.

Are you an Aspiring Leader?

Throughout the school year, aspiring leaders meet online, at the Pastoral Center, and at schools in their regions to receive specialized professional development as they discern the call to Catholic school leadership. Professional development includes topics pertaining to instructional leadership, public speaking, parent engagement, and school budget and finance, with the overarching theme of Catholic mission and identity. Aspiring leaders read articles, engage in discussion, and meet leaders in the field to deepen their understandings of the many facets of Catholic school leadership.

If you are interested in becoming an Aspiring Leader, please reach out to Stephanie Whelan.