Image for: Elizabeth Paquette, R.N. NCSN

Elizabeth Paquette, R.N. NCSN


School Nurse, Malden Catholic Codivisional High School

“I am a school nurse - a Catholic School Nurse. It is my own Catholicity, as well as the school's identity that is reflected in my own nursing practice. It is my faith that influences my every interaction and decision.

While the vast majority of people believe school nursing is Band-Aids and boo-boo's – that doesn’t begin to cover it. I keep a watchful eye on nutrition, sudden weight gain or loss, and seat belt use. I am a confidential and trusted listener of a student’s hopes and dreams, as well as the recent devastating break-up, a parent's divorce or illness, or their fears about their futures. At the same time it is necessary to ease the pain in a colleague's eyes when they need to know what a diagnosis means for themselves or loved ones. It is the school nurse who must remain calm and compassionate when a member of the school community is given a difficult prognosis. It is a school nurse's ministry to alleviate their fears with the gentle truth and prayer.”

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