Questions & Answers Regarding Archdiocese of Boston’s School Mask Requirement

Are students required to wear masks?

Yes, any student five or older, regardless of vaccination status, is required to wear masks indoors.  Masks also are required on school buses to meet federal requirements.

The Archdiocesan indoor mask requirement will be in place through October 1, 2021, at which time the Archdiocese will consider modifications.

When may a student take a mask off indoors?

A student may remove their mask during meals. 

Also, any student with a doctor’s note indicating that a mask is not medically appropriate is exempt from indoor masking requirements 

How long will this universal indoor mask requirement last?

The Archdiocese will require masks indoors through at least October 1st, at which time the Archdiocese will consider modifications.

Are masks required outdoors?


Is Covid vaccination required?

No, although the Archdiocese strongly encourages vaccination on a voluntary basis for any age that is eligible. 

Will my school allow my child to learn virtually from home if I don’t want to mask my child?

Whether an individual school provides any virtual instruction is solely at the discretion of each school leader (in consultation with school pastors in the case of parochial schools).

Is the Archdiocese’s mask requirement applicable to all Catholic schools?

The mask requirement is applicable to all parochial schools and RCAB-related schools. This covers 69 of the 100 Catholic schools located in the Archdiocese of Boston.

The remaining 31 schools are independent Catholic schools or Catholic schools run by religious orders. These schools have the authority to set their own mask policies.


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