Why Choose Catholic Schools?

Catholic Education does more than just educate the whole child, it provides lifelong faith formation, teaches the value and commitment of serving others and provides students with a foundation to grow, advance and excel. The Archdiocese of Boston is made up of 110 schools that work tirelessly to make sure each and every child has a strong education, continued growth opportunities, and a commitment to faith.


The Catholic Schools Office and the Archdiocese of Boston schools have a long-standing tradition of academic excellence. Elementary and middle school students are assessed using the MAP Growth tests, allowing teachers to differentiate instruction. Archdiocese of Boston students consistently outperform their peers. In addition, students are held to high academic and moral standards, teaching them the value of strong ethics and integrity. Students learn how to be contributing members of their community through service to others and many opportunities to care for those most in need. There is also a deep commitment to equity in the classroom. Each school serves the needs of each individual student and equally provides opportunities to all students of all backgrounds.


The main differentiating factor with attending a Catholic school is the faith formation students will receive. Every school in the Archdiocese of Boston uses the Bishop’s framework to teach religion. Students are exposed to the Gospel values, given opportunities to go on retreat and allowed to grow spiritually in God’s presence through Masses and prayer services. It is in this context schools teach the whole person, mentally and spiritually. Parents send students to Catholic schools for their rigorous academics, teaching of morality and commitment to faith.

Check out these fast facts...
  • Hispanics who attended a Catholic elementary school are twice as likely to have a college degree and a household income of $75,000 or more. (“Catholic education: Does it still make a difference?”, Mary Gautier, National Catholic Reporter, Oct. 24, 2011)
  • Catholic school students score above average on national academic tests. 97 percent of students at Archdiocese of Boston Catholic high schools graduate in four years.

  • Each year, Archdiocese of Boston Catholic schools save Massachusetts taxpayers $580 million.

  • Nationwide, there are nearly 7,000 elementary and secondary Catholic schools. Total enrollment is about 2.1 million.

  • Catholic schools play a key role in educating students of low-income families and students from the inner city. Urban schools represent 31.5 percent of the total number of Catholic schools, inner city schools 11.5 percent, suburban schools 35.9 percent, and rural schools 21 percent.

  • Nearly half (42.5 percent) of students enrolled in U.S. private schools attend Catholic schools.

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